Welcome to NJGCA's Class C Operator Training Program!

NJGCA Member Price: $11 Non-Member Price: $22

On October 13, 2018, new UST regulations went into effect which required all Underground Storage Tank System owners and operators to undergo rigorous training to be in compliance with the new law. A Class C Operator must be on-site any time a UST facility is open for business. Class C Operators must also undergo training and testing to be in compliance.

A Class C Operator is the individual who typically monitors the receiving, dispensing, or sale of gasoline and/or whoever may be responsible for responding to alarms or releases.

NGCA has created a comprehensive Class C Training program for owners and operators to administer to their potential Class C Operators to demonstrate compliance with the new law.

Included in this package are: the training material, test, a certificate of completion upon passing the test, and the UST Facility Site Specific Worksheet, which must be administered by the A/B Operator and signed by the Class C Operator.

For more information and resources on the new UST regulations, please see our webpage www.njgca.org/usts.